QScopes, January 2022

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There is a keen sense that the new year is nothing to celebrate, but don’t believe it. This is totally a time to reflect and get back to basics. Stop working on relationships and work on yourself. Relax and repeat. 


Even if you don’t forgive, you should really forget about someone that hurt you. No one is perfect and understanding this is a path to freedom. In the end, the villain of your story is best written out of it. 


There is twice as much fun to be had by getting affairs in order. The order you need can be found by eliminating a source of frustration or finding intrigue in the chaos. There can always pleasure in the pain. 


The world can be a strange place. You provide a light to those in a dark place. Lift other and you’ll discover that people are mirrors, sending that light back at you. In order to receive, you need to give. 


Things are going to get complicated with a friend who has an agenda. The best way to deal is to give them space. A dance has a lot of steps, so sit back and listen to the music. You’ll find your groove. 


You will make an impression on a young person or co-worker with skills and extensive knowledge. Don’t let it go to your head but enjoy the rush of incoming compliments. You deserve some recognition. 


Family has a way of bringing out your nurturing spirit but be careful not to overstep. Sometimes it’s best to let people figure things out. Even so, be willing to provide a helping hand and take hold when needed. 


There’s a conflict between your head and your heart, If an issue doesn’t fit in the box, then try finding a bigger box. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the placement is temporary. Do what works in the moment. 


A new engagement or blooming friendship has you feeling optimistic. Tread carefully and try not to spoil the simplicity of this relationship. Less is always more. Keep it simple and safe and you’ll enjoy it more. 


You are never big on tradition until it is staring you in the face. While parties and festivities are behind you, there could be demands you aren’t expecting. Take a moment to enjoy the process. Be the hero! 


Be ready for changes as others around you implement personal resolutions. It may be temporary. The way to deal with uncertainty is to stop caring about it. Focus on yourself and you’ll be unstoppable. 


Even if you don’t have ambition right now, the goals you set will compel you to improve. Make a list and be mindful of intentions. Money and finances require attention, but the focus should be on the spirit. 

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