QScopes February 2022

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There could be confusion with a friend regarding the meaning of friendship. All you can do is be the best you can be. In the end, if you decide it’s a one-sided affair, it might be best to cool off for a bit. Take a break.


The way you compose yourself may come into question. Even if you aren’t feeling well, there’s no reason to be grumpy. Spend time doing what makes you feel better, whether it be with a friend or solo. Have fun!


There is love in the air. Whether you are single or the furthest thing from it, this is the time to show your appreciation to people who matter. Express yourself, provide gifts, or simply have a night out on the town.


Without knowing what’s ahead, it could be hard to make a big decision. Take time to know what’s at stake and don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. It’s a nice time to lay low and avoid tempting fate.


Seeing is believing and there are some incredible sights to behold right now. Nothing is more exciting than learning new skills and having new experiences. A great feeling is bound to leave you believing in miracles.


Have a heart and learn to forget about something a friend said in anger. There is more fun in letting go than holding on. Don’t be afraid to have some makeup activities to ensure the bond is stronger than ever.


Nothing is more interesting than an upcoming event. Whether it be personal or work-related, it’s a good opportunity to figure out what you really care about. Even if things aren’t perfect, it won’t matter. Go discover!


Let go of the need to classify a relationship for the time being. It’s possible to see that coins have more than one side and diverse values. Mix business with pleasure but don’t lose sight of what really matters.


New and old friends alike are bound to come around this month. Make time for everyone, even if it means having a party or group activity. The best way to build a network is to spread the love and find new interests.


Something crazy is going to happen. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen. Do what you can with what life gives. A financial matter needs attention. Determine what you want and simply go with the flow.


The best part of this month will be spending time with a loved one or family member. There is so much adversity in the world but it won’t be a factor. Embrace the love and enjoy what makes the world so great.


Question the motives of a co-worker or old friend who may seem more chummy than they should be. It’s possible they are out to get you or it could be their way of mending fences. Either way, be kind but cautious.

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