QScopes March 2022


Everything that could go right will go right as long as you’re willing to make it work. Get out of your head and try to let things flow. It seems like a good idea to imagine what could go wrong, but resist temptation.


Spend time with someone you care about, whether it be a partner, pet, or friend. Nothing is more comforting than spending quality time. There could be issues bugging you. Put them aside. Things will work out.


Being overwhelmed can come in the form of work or friendship demands. Set boundaries with the right people because things could go terribly wrong. Nothing is worse than wasted energy on a lost cause.


Accept an offer that challenges your comfort zones. Take care and look when looking into the things you are missing. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose, but winning makes the game worth playing.


Even if the path seems clear, there are obstacles to success that keep popping up. Deal with them one at a time and see opportunities to grow and show. There is always something to be gained in life.


The ending of a great story comes after a series of losses and sadness. The challenges may get you down, but the way forward is always rooted in the present. So give yourself time to find a happy, good place.


No one likes a snitch, but there are good times to tell the truth. A friend or loved one is making a mistake and simply doesn’t understand how the world works. Try assisting by getting others involved.


How you feel about a significant other or close friend will lead to great places. The world revolves around whether you like to spin or not. So hold on and enjoy the ride. Just don’t ride alone, Scorpio. That would be sad.


However, you decide to go forward, do it in style. There will be many eyes on you this month, and it could make you more uneasy than expected. Don’t worry about it and put on a great show. You deserve this.


A new career path or opportunity is working out well. Stick with what works, but don’t forget to analyze what is happening around you. A discovery of riches may not be around the corner, but satisfaction always is.


Peaking out and seeing the world is a good idea for you. There has been too much time spent alone to make new friends. Have a party or social gathering either in person or virtually. Make those connections!


A good friend is about to become an even better one if you play your cards right. The best way to get love is to give it, so give away whatever you desire. The return on investment will be a win-win for everyone.

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