QScopes April 2022


Knowledge is power, but incomplete knowledge is corruption. Learn the facts and act appropriately. A subjective viewpoint will cause a commotion. Create some distance from others and work on yourself. While it isn’t easy to avoid a conflict, it is possible that a fabricated crisis will go away on its own. 


When remaining calm doesn’t solve a personal matter, get angry. A little passionate yelling isn’t always the answer but could raise questions that are being avoided, so get mad. Put trust in no one right now. The longer you wait to take action on a pressing matter, the more likely it is to create a problem. 


Work hasn’t been amazing, but a good opportunity is in the near future. Take a look and see if it is something you’d like. Change is not always the answer, but there are times when it is simply good to change the beat a little. Figuring out what you really want is a good move at this time of the year so go for it.


What you feel about another person is likely to get back to them. This could lead to a very explosive moment for better or worse. Whatever the case, act accordingly and see if you can find good in the situation. You may end up having a better time than expected, especially if romance becomes involved.


Your mind is like a pool of ideas swimming rapidly. Nothing seems to come together, so it might be time for a break. Stop everything and prioritize. Don’t forget to add a little fun to the mix. Working on a project is driving you crazy so be sure to address what is bothering you the most. Don’t lose sight of joy.


The higher the structure, the more likely it is to fall. Keep grounded when dealing with a personal matter. Much of what troubles you has nothing to do with others, but something you are insecure about. Hold tight to something that provides comfort and find value by accomplishing something. 


Others are trying to distract you but it’s not working. You are feeling good right now to be held back. A steep climb seems to be ahead, but you are getting over it fine. Someone close to you needs help, so be there to support. Learn all the facts first. Bad advice can come even from the best of intentions. 


What is tearing you apart is actually a good thing. Something will help you reconstruct life in a good way. There are sometimes no good solutions, but in this case, a hidden blessing is bound to come to fruition. Don’t fear the warnings of others, but take them into account. You do know best. 


Mind your own business and keep clear of a situation that doesn’t concern you. There is love in the air and that should be on your mind. Someone you are involved with is expecting a surprise, so make it a good one. The more you try to catch this person off guard, the more likely you are to succeed.


A problem shows itself in the form of a financial crisis. While it might not seem prudent to address, a sense of urgency should not be ignored. Don’t worry though, because everything is bound to turn out well in the end. Invest in something you really believe in and good things are to come soon. 


Find a partner and do some dancing because you are getting restless. Now is the time to get out there and show off your stuff. The most fun is to be had in a social situation or club. Friend will need some cheer and fun, and you provide that without even trying too hard. It is your time Aquarius!


Something long desired has arrived, and not quite what was expected. Even so, taking a step back will reveal the gains are better than you could have hoped. Enjoy the success but do not take it for granted. While there is no standard in which to judge it, satisfaction is guaranteed. Be happy!

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