Utah Pride 2022

Dev returns to Utah Pride

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Utah Pride 2022 Headliner Sunday — DEV

Singer, songwriter, rapper, model, and radio host Dev returns for a second Utah Pride as headliner on Sunday, June 5.

Dev is known as a dance-floor mainstay, with her first hit, the minimalist, bass-heavy, club-thumper “Booty Bounce” in 2010. She then told the world, “I ain’t yo average bitch,” though many dismissed her as a ­pseudo-edgy, white girl rapper.

“Booty Bounce” racked up 19 million views on YouTube, many of them from the gay men’s community. Dev says she owes her early success to the LGBT scene in the San Francisco Bay Area. “It’s been pretty much amazing having that support since day one. They still do (support me) and I appreciate it. Coming up in San Francisco and in the Bay, that whole community took to me before anybody, so I put a lot of my heart into that community.”

Since 2018, Dev began releasing standalone singles with “Rock On It”, “Down For Me”, “Girls Don’t Lie,” and “Clean Break.” She collaborated on the song “Make Out” by Da Candy and Ferry released in September 2018. Beginning in July 2020, Dev started releasing a single every three weeks starting with “Mango” on July 17, “Follow My Lead” on August, and “Bom Dia” on September 1.

Dev recently started kicking things up again as her daughter has gotten a bit older. She started her social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She also is releasing TikTok video, with her new hit “The Dark” trending and becoming a template.

She is touring the indie rock circuit and promises new songs in 2022.

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