QScopes May 2022

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ARIES: There is regret in matters of the heart so it is time for new romantic encounters. Don’t be afraid to revisit an old fling but make sure they’re worth the effort. Nothing worthwhile is painful for long, including love. It’s been a difficult time for everyone, but good times are on the horizon! Celebrate.

TAURUS: Never fear things that can’t hurt you. Workplace conflict might weigh heavy on your spirits, so consider looking for a change. A problem may emerge by trying to sweep a problem under the rug. Don’t worry about hurting a coworker’s feelings because they don’t have anything to bruise.

GEMINI: Don’t let a distraction prevent you from accomplishing a goal. Duties are plentiful, payoffs are lacking. Examine incentives of accomplishing individual tasks, especially with friendship matters. Most burdens are manufactured by others. Put yourself first and release the pressures bothering you.

CANCER: Take time out and do adventurous things. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. With the ongoing drama regarding a family member, finding pleasure is often vital to avoid going insane. Put crazy on hold, hold on tight, then enjoy the ride. You need to have a good time. The fun season is now!

LEO: Don’t fear taking a more aggressive approach. You are not used to sugarcoating opinions. Some friends taking advantage of you so tell them how you feel. The future looks bright in terms of your career. Don’t let anything prevent opportunities from coming to fruition. Full steam ahead! 

VIRGO: Where things end up with a friend is up to you. Try staying calm when things get intense. Being passive is hard but is most advantageous. Financial matters are going better than planned so celebrate the victories to brighten the mood. It’s a good time to get into the social scene.

LIBRA: Reach for something out of bounds. Romantic times are in store so enjoy time with a lover or partner. Forget about distractions. You may find there’s more advantage to intimacy than you once realized. Don’t hold back when things heat up, but take care of yourself and your friends as well.

SCORPIO: A hopeless cause is a lesson in what to avoid. Move on and try something better. Spend time doing an enjoyable hobby outside. While interests are varied, your attention should be aimed toward an immediate interest. Expect surprises from a family member. Things are looking bright.

SAGITTARIUS: A key development is in the works and predicting the outcome would be totally pointless. Focus on what is in front of you. Take care of personal needs and get finances in shape. While the desire to be in control is admirable, it is limited. Know the limits while shooting for the stars.

CAPRICORN: It’s taking a long time to get what you want. A long sough goal will only be achieved by letting go of the norms. Don’t fret because what has been gained is better than what was missed. Perfection is what you’re aiming for but sloppy seconds can be almost as satisfying, maybe better!

AQUARIUS: Accept good fortune with caution, but feel good about taking what you need. The path to happiness is a sad one so find a creative outlet during this time. Invest in the future with a sense that things can always be better. But don’t be afraid to have some fun along the way. Find a good balance.

PISCES: Whatever has you feeling uneasy spawns from the need to let go of the past. The resolution of a past problem will lead to being a better person. Don’t go looking for problems unless it has to do with helping another. Providing a helping hand is a good way to create good karma. Hold tight.

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