QScopes, August 2022


There’s something going on that is making you giddy. Don’t forget to save some time for a friend or partner who isn’t on your level. The best way to feel the joy is to share it. Have fun! 


Even in the darkest times, there can be light in your heart. Take a few moments to lose yourself in the simple pleasures and find inner peace. You may find that the darkness isn’t bad at all. 


There could be a jerk or anxiety-inducing person in your life. It is best to ignore them. You can’t change people and it is best not to try. But if things get out of hand, stand up for yourself. 


Take time to get focus on financial matters. There are a lot of temptations and carefree spending could end up coming back to bite you. A little pain is okay but know your limits. 


It is probably best not to get into an argument at work. Take a little time to make the world a better place by simply being in it. You are more liked than you realize but don’t get arrogant. 


Do not shy away from someone who shares a mutual attraction. While defenses serve you well, they can also stop you from having a good time. Figure out what you really want to express. 


Find a way to deal with a stressful situation. If you can’t change the circumstances then take the time to see the good. Someone you love is causing a little tug-of-war and letting go is okay. 


Hardships are bound to get you down. The universe is trying to get you out of a place you do not belong. Friends and family are there more than you realize. Try something new and enjoy. 


However you look at it, a workplace change is a nice thing to explore. You could find you want to move on or end up staying put. Take some time to look at what could be and then decide.       


Status isn’t everything, so relax. Stop trying to impress. You will see that you are admired already. Home life is feeling a tad stale so shake things up by proposing new ways to entertain. 


A change of attitude is in order. It is not that you don’t feel well but others might mistake your exhaustion for aggression. Be happy and display the calm you wish to feel. Others reflect mood. 


The time for enjoying the season is now. While it has been a rough patch, you are ready for a sense of normalcy. Spread hope and others will respond. A romantic matter can flourish well. 

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