QScopes September 2022


Tread carefully before jumping into a deep situation. There is always room for error, but you might not appreciate the trouble. Take care of a friend but don’t lose sight of yourself.


Be realistic with your scheduling. Make time for a friend or partner who provides much pleasure to you. There is nothing more exciting than learning new things from old flings.


What can create a perverse incentive is likely to keep you motivated. Explore new ways to have a good time and don’t worry about being offended. You know limits without pushing.


Even if you could, it’s not a good time for drastic change. Stay with what you know and don’t lose your grip on a complex situation. Enjoy your time and go with the flow for a while.


Submit yourself for a blessing from someone you trust or admire. There is confusion on what to do next and it never hurts to get a second opinion. Learn much and proceed carefully.


You could be unaware of something that is remotely impossible. The world is changing even though you may not be. Hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride. The world is rocking.


In the event of a surprise, stay focused. There could be a party or gathering and a nice time to let your hair down. The longer you wait to join, the more likely fun is to come to you.


A temptation is bound to get into your head. There is nothing wrong with giving in as long as you keep an eye out. The most intense moments are those that test your desires. 


You might have to spell out to others what you are feeling. You cross bridges when you come to them, but looking ahead is a good idea. Express yourself to get what you really want.


Extinguish your angst and learn to enjoy. See things you dislike on their own terms. It could change your mind. Despite seemingly being set in stone, it feels good to touch new things.


There is a transaction that must be honored, so take care of matters that are weighing on you. A business risk is not so easy to quantify, but if you merge ideas, peace will be found.


Bad facts make for bad results, so get informed. Ease your mind and get some help from a friend or loved one. It might be a good time to eat something you love, so love your words.

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