QScopes October 2022

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There is much riding on your ability to get past hard feelings. The best you can do is let go of the past and enjoy what is coming. The holidays may not thrill, but the season will.


The pressure is building, and it’s time for release. Get into the spirit of letting go by finding a positive way to channel your energy. Do something that makes you feel good!


Even if it takes a while, there is light at the end of a very long tunnel. The ride may be a dark one, but there is still much to enjoy. Hold tight and spend time with your best friends.


It’s not about the food but the people when it comes to social gatherings. Things are not always going to be perfect, but you can have perfect moments. Focus on what works.


Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goal. A special gift is waiting for you, so claim it and be proud. Even if the road seems a tad rocky, it’s worth the bumping.


Rejoice and have a good time. Friends and family are bound to excite you, even if this isn’t your favorite time of year. Get creative when it matters, and don’t hold anything back.


Things are feeling normal again, but in a way, that’s not what you want. Figure out what changing you want to carry with you going forward. It’s time to reinvent your life.


What once mattered a lot is finally starting to wear off. There is a new perception to explore, and that could mean mending the past. Find ways to reconcile with old friends.


The tricks that are being played on you may be getting old. Stand up for what you want and the things you believe in. You know your limits but don’t worry about holding back.


Whoever said that life isn’t fair was right, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Find a balance and let go of those who throw you off. Hold on tight and get a good grip.


Money matters don’t actually matter during this time period, though tread carefully. Being generous with those who are important will lead to love coming back to you. 


Nothing is worth getting upset about, so keep your calm and figure out a way to find peace. Spend time doing what you love with who you love and get ready to be pleased.

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