QScopes November 2022


Claim what is yours and get ready for a festive time. With many gatherings to come, it is prudent to put on your best face. Family can be a challenge so prepare for the game to begin.


The trails that never seem to end are wearing on you. Take the time to prove yourself but stop fighting battles that aren’t really happening. You know the truth so live what you know. 


Even if you can’t figure out why, good things seem to happen around you. The challenge is to learn not to rely on this trend to continue. Figure out how to find happiness on your own. 


Steer clear of major financial entanglements. The more you spend, the more stress you could experience. Embrace simple pleasures and get into the groove. The world is a playground.


Learn your stride and keep up the pace. You may feel unstoppable and that could lead to satisfaction. Though the world is kind of dull right now, it won’t always be. Keep your spirits up.


Nothing is going to happen unless you make it so. Take charge of a personal matter and a relationship will flourish. Even if things are perfect, there is always room for improvement.


It has taken some time, but what you’ve dreamt of seems within reach. Grab it and hold on tight because things are getting wild. There is nothing stopping you from finding good times.


Even when you are losing, there is so much to be learned. The knowledge you gain will help in the long haul. Start looking at what’s to come with glee and get ready to thrive soon. 


Contrary to what everything is telling you, it’s a good time to invest. Look at finances and make wise decisions. Don’t take too many risks but a payoff comes to those who are wise.


Whatever you might think is going on, it’s likely the opposite. Follow trends but be skeptical of what seems out of place. Change is always inevitable, but results are often temporary


Take a breath and count to five, because it’s time to feel alive and free! Consider your favorite traditions and let them guide you toward happiness. There are many opportunities now.


Let no one tell you what to do or how to enjoy your holidays. Be a rebel within your social circles and find comfort in taking control. No one is going to stop you so proceed at will.

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