5 dead, 18 injured in LGBTQ Colorado Springs shooting

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A gunman entered an LGBTQ club outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, just before midnight last night, shooting and killing five people and injuring at least 18 others. Police named 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich as the suspect and said he is currently at an area hospital.

“Club Q is a safe haven for our LGBTQ citizens. Every citizen has a right to feel safe and secure in our city, to go about our city without being harmed or treated poorly,” Colorado Springs Deputy Chief Adrian Vasquez said at a briefing Sunday morning. “I’m so terribly sad, and heartbroken,” he continued, pausing for emotion.

Vasquez said that through evidence at the scene and interviews with those inside, the suspect entered the bar and immediately began shooting at people inside, moving deeper inside the club.

Vasquez said the suspect used a “long rifle” and that two guns were recovered at the club.

“While the suspect was inside the club, at least two heroic people inside the club confronted and fought with the suspect and were able to stop the suspect from continuing to kill or harm others,” Vasquez said. “We owe them a great debt of thanks.”

Police are not identifying anyone inside the bar at this point, as investigations are still happening and the FBI is already at the scene.

Representatives of the bar made a statement on their Facebook page.

“Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community. Our [prayers] and thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends. We thank the quick reactions of heroic customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate attack.”

Drag artist Del Lusional tweeted last night that the news of the murders feels unreal.

“I never thought this would happen to me and my bar. I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t stop hearing the shots. #clubq,” and then, “This doesn’t feel real. Like at all. Walking through the bar that I call my home and seeing it…… like that…… I went from being so proud of myself for what I accomplished tonight, to…. This. I hate this so much. I hate this so fucking much.”

“This is our only safe space here in the Springs,” said 34-year-old club patron Joshua Thurman, who was on the dance floor when the shooting started. He told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that, after hearing gunshots, he ran into a dressing room and huddled on the ground with a few other people with the lights off. “And so for this to get shot up—what are we going to do now? Where are we going to go?”

“Yeah, we can rebuild, and come together,” he said, crying, “but what about those people who lost their lives for no reason?”

Others on Twitter blamed organizations like “Libs of TikTok” for the attack, who posted against a Colorado drag show hours after the shootings.

This is a developing story.

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