December 2022 QScopes


Even if it takes time, get yourself back to a happy place. Focus on the things that make you really happy and do what you can to experience the best life has to offer. Treat yourself right.


Find time for a loved one or family member who needs you right now. Even if the world is changing, you can be a rock for the emotional flow. The reward is bound to be worthwhile.


The season of celebration is always one you look forward to. Don’t spoil your spirit by having high expectations but be ready for some nice surprises. Let go of control and have fun!


Explore the best parts of yourself and figure out what you’d like to do even better. The world is your canvas so don’t be afraid to create what you want. Happiness is yours to mold.


A strange feeling should not be ignored, but don’t let it distract from the fun times either. Proceed with caution and deal with challenges as they come. In the end, you can trust yourself. 


There is a really neat thing going on with a partner or best friend and getting involved could be enthralling. Ask how you can get involved and don’t be afraid of rejection. It’s cool.


Feel free to let your burdens go and enjoy the holiday spirit. There is much joy in both giving and receiving so be sure to do both! Spend time with those who matter the most to you.


You might need to feel joy more than you have been lately. If the temptations are there, then give in if you feel it’s safe. Always follow your gut and figure out what makes you tick.


Don’t blindly trust that things will be okay, even if they are. The peace of mind that comes with caution will suit you well during this time. Don’t let faith guide you, but guide yourself.


The holidays may not always ring your bell, but you always end up having a good time. This year is no exception so let your hair down and simply surrender. Let the good times roll.


You’re used to doing things in order, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up. Spend some time re-inventing yourself and conquering the boredom you often feel. Get wild if you can.


Nothing feels better than letting go of an old pain. Even if the future is uncertain, happiness will have a chance. Enjoy the season and let go of anything bothersome. No one is judging.

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