Provo’s Celebrate Therapy receives HRC/SHOWTIME grant

Provo, Utah-based, Celebrate Therapy, was named as a recipient of Human Rights Campaign and SHOWTIME’s “Queer to Stay: An LGBTQ+ Business Preservation Initiative” to support and uplift small businesses that focus on LGBTQ+ people of color, women and the transgender community who continue to be impacted by economic setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year, on top of economic setbacks from COVID, we’ve seen a disturbing rise in anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and attacks, including harm to some LGBTQ+ small businesses. That’s why it is critical to uphold affirming, welcoming spaces and services for our LGBTQ+ communities,” said HRC President Kelley Robinson. “This initiative celebrates and supports our community by putting funds directly into the hands of multiply marginalized LGBTQ+ owned, and serving, small businesses around the country. We’re excited to partner with SHOWTIME once again to ensure that LGBTQ+ patrons, employees, and business owners continue to occupy spaces freely and without exception as their authentic selves.”

Celebrate Therapy is a therapy clinic owned and operated by a team of queer clinicians who support individuals in “discovering confidence” in their identities. The clinic has rapidly grown during its tenure, and in its first year grew from four to eight psychotherapists and provided 2200+ sessions of therapy. Owner and Clinical Director of Celebrate Therapy, Lacey Bagley, said she hopes to put the grant money towards opening a second location in Salt Lake City so that they can reach more LGBTQ+ people throughout the state.

“Even with eight therapists, we keep a waitlist of potential clients,” said Lacey Bagley, owner and clinical director of Celebrate Therapy. “From a business perspective, this growth and security is positive and means success. Being a member of the queer community, I see this impact differently. I see that success is measured in healing and not net income and that the number of people on our waitlist only indicates how many are not getting their needs met yet.”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the inaugural “Queer to Stay” initiative awarded funds to 10 LGBTQ+ businesses across the country. Since then, it’s been reported that LGBTQ+ businesses were less likely to receive COVID relief funds. At the same time, some LGBTQ+ small businesses have been the target of outrageous, extremist anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and attacks. With many LGBTQ+ businesses continuing to struggle in the economic aftermath of the global pandemic, HRC and SHOWTIME scaled up the initiative to include 25 businesses this year – five more than in 2021 – with a funding pool of $250,000.

The additional awardees of “Queer to Stay: An LGBTQ+ Business Preservation Initiative” include:

Dorothy Downstairs (Chicago, IL), Three Palms Bar & Grill (New Orleans, LA), Stag PDX (Portland, OR), Bake Me Happy (Columbus, OH), Queer Therapy Network (Houston, TX), M-Care (Witchita, KS), Queer Kid Stuff (Portland, ME), Harana Market (Woodstock, NY), Urbody (Los Angeles, CA), Peachy Births (Kansas City, MO), PTSFeminist (Atlanta, GA), As You Are (Washington, DC), Santé Bar (Portland, OR), Coffee Mafia (Auburn, AL), Goldspot Brewing Company (Denver, CO), Queer Chocolatier (Muncie, IN), Detroit Vesey’s (Los Angeles, CA), Los Angeles Blade (Los Angeles, CA), Mountainsong Expeditions (Worcester, VT), Womencrafts (Provincetown, MA), Queer Dance Project (Lakewood, CO), Salon Benders (Long Beach, CA), Euphoria (Denver, CO), and Franny Lou’s Porch (Philadelphia, PA).

“I am so proud of SHOWTIME for extending its QUEER TO STAY campaign! Supporting LGBTQ+ businesses combined with all the LGBTQ+ representation in SHOWTIME programming, QUEER TO STAY has made a major impact all over the country,” said actor Jamie Clayton, star of THE L WORD: GENERATION Q. “I’m honored to star on a show that depicts a vital LGBTQ+ small business on television. Playing Tess, who manages the inclusive, queer space, Dana’s Bar, on THE L WORD: GENERATION Q is such an exciting and vital thrill!”

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