FABBY Awards

2022 FABBY Awards — Most Fabulous Arts

For the 19th year, you, our readers, have spoken. We received nearly 3,500 votes in our annual readers’ choice poll, and we are naming 125 FABBY Award winners in this issue. Some are many-time winners, and some many-time winners were out-voted this year. A rainbow wave, if you will.

Most Fabulous Theater Company

Fifty-one years of “Joyfully Radical Theatre” is a great tagline for the season. The best theater venue in the valley, an old onion-domed LDS church in the Marmalade District, is a great backdrop to a community theatre that takes risks and entertains.
Runners-up: An Other Theatre Company, Pioneer Theatre Company and Plan-B Theatre

Most Fabulous Art Museum

UMOCA was started by Alta Rawlins Jensen as the Art Barn Association. It was housed at the adorable building near the UofU until 1979 when it moved to the center of downtown in the Salt Palace building. They believe in the power of the art of our time.
Runner-up: Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Most Fabulous Dance Company

This world-renowned dance company is as old as Michael Aaron. Started in 1963, it began as the first ballet department in an American university at the University of Utah. Artistic Director Adam Sklute energized and expanded Ballet West’s remarkable repertoire since 2007. “The best Nutcracker in the United States” (New York Times) is running Dec. 2 through 24.
Runner-up: Ririe Woodbury, RDT

Most Fabulous Music Event of 2022

The music festival headed up by Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds donates to 29 local and national LGTBQ+ charities. This year was widely anticipated after a two-year hiatus. The lineup included Dan Reynolds, Willow, Anitta, Neon Trees, David Archuleta, The Aces, and many more.
Runners-up: Twilight Concert Series, Red Butte Garden Concerts

Most Fabulous Local Musician

Self-described activist-musician Talia Keys has been busy this year, DJing a weekly Saturday night show on KRCL 90.9 FM, releasing a new album with her band, the Love, named “Lessons,” and a new Pride-related song and music video. The video and song, titled “We’re Here” are making and winning awards in the queer film festival circuit.
Runner-up: Marlo SuzZanne and the Galaxy Band

Most Fabulous Local Visual Artist

You may remember him from page 21 under Most Fabulous Tattoo Artist. He also puts his skills to walls as a graffiti artist for weddings, memorials, and businesses as well as participating in arts festivals and art shows. If you’ve ever been to Club Try-Angles, you’ve seen his work..
Runner-up: Cat Palmer


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