FABBY Awards

2022 FABBY Awards — Most Fabulous Shopping Places

For the 19th year, you, our readers, have spoken. We received nearly 3,500 votes in our annual readers’ choice poll, and we are naming 125 FABBY Award winners in this issue. Some are many-time winners, and some many-time winners were out-voted this year. A rainbow wave, if you will.

Most Fabulous Local Shop for Clothing
Most Fabulous Shoes
Most Fabulous Underwear

A triple award for Spark! Shop sustainably and locally at this gay-owned, FABBY-winning clothing boutique. From undies to ties, shoes, cuff links, and more, Spark has everything you need to dress for success and/or a hot date. From club wear to boardroom chic, there is nothing more sparkling than Spark. They’ve expanded into a second space for women’s clothing as well. And while you are there, don’t you have a VCR head that needs some cleaning?

Most Fabulous Book Store

In its first year and it wins a FABBY Award from QSaltLake Magazine readers. Well, with a tagline of “A queer little bookstore,” of course it did! Every kind of book your queer heart could desire. Pay attention to staff picks (5% of proceeds are donated to an Indigenous healing garden in the city), and a community-curated shelf. Watch for the many events taking place there. Hours are 5–9pm Tues–Friday and 11am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.
Runners up: The Kings English

Most Fabulous Consignment/Gently Used Clothing
Do you love cast-off fashion? Well, then check out Iconoclad, where you will find old-school fashion wear plus locally made art and accessories. A must for anyone who loves Burning Man.
Runners up: Decades, Copper Hive

Most Fabulous Place to Buy Drag/Halloween Attire

Swimming in all types of wigs, knee-high boots, naughty nurse costumes, and, occasionally, used clothing with a 20-dollar bill in a pocket, Pib’s is posh!!
Runner up: Decades

Most Fabulous Nursery/Garden Center

For over 65 years, Millcreek has been your favorite garden center. The sprawling nursery has everything that a Utah garden can grow, and then some. They also have extremely knowledgeable people wandering about to help. Now is the time of year to bring the outdoors in and make the house smell all piney.

Most Fabulous Antiques

Home Again has been offering affordable home furnishings and decor since 1997 in Sugar House and 2007 in Midvale. Their consignment items are hand-picked by their staff with quality, character, and style in mind. They’re picky so you don’t have to be.

Most Fabulous Most Fabulous Jeweler
9th & 9th JEWELERS

Joe the Jeweler at 9th & 9th Jewelers designs custom rings, especially engagement and wedding rings, for everyone. He’s right in the heart of 9th and 9th, open by appointment. He offers free digital CAD renderings, price quotes, and any changes you want to your design within 24 hours. Now that deserves a Fabby!

Most Fabulous Gift Store

You know something’s a little off when you walk into Cahoots and blush. And that’s before you get to the adult section. From risqué calendars to cards and games you’d probably not show your mother… unless you have THAT mother.
Runner up: Ward & Child

Most Fabulous Adult Toy Store

Mischievous is large, but not like that impersonal warehouse large of some national chain stores in. A friendly staff can help you with the needs of your … staff. Or whatever you have “down there.” Also a huge selection of underwear and swimwear, risqué cards, and a stack of QSaltLake Magazines.
Runner up: CAHOOTS, All for Love

Most Fabulous Florist

LUX Floral & Design calls themselves Salt Lake’s best boutique floral atelier. Of course we had to look the word up because we’re not as fancy as all that. Atelier means “an artist’s or designer’s studio or workroom.” Cool! They are part of LUX Catering and Events, which has won more awards from more places than any seven businesses should. They’re that good.
Runners up: Native Flowers. The Art Floral


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