QScopes, February 2023


The season for reflection is here. Take a good look at yourself but don’t make quick changes without introspection. The best relationship you can have is one with yourself.  Acceptance is a key to happiness.


Though it might seem like a tough act to follow, you have been through a good time and wish for it to continue. You can top the celebrations of the past by embracing a positive outlook.


Patience is a good thing to have, but real change doesn’t come from sitting around waiting for it. Take control and plant the seeds of change. Then you can rest while perfection flourishes.


Small moves will lead to big results over time. Enjoy the simple pleasures, either alone or with someone you care about. Focus on a relationship you want to improve and enjoy them.


Ensure that others hear your message by speaking softly in a small space. The greatest attention comes from intimacy, so don’t fear bringing a cherished person closer to your inner circle. 


The arguments you make today will baffle you tomorrow. Figure out the core truths of what you want when dealing with others. It is a good time for love and satisfying encounters, so chill out.


Even a napping cat seems to have much going on in its mind. Remember that calm is an illusion, and downtime is a good time to breathe. The chaos in your life can be easily remedied.


Letting go of things you don’t understand will help in determining what really matters. Don’t try juggling, or you’ll lose all the balls. Simplify your agenda, and you’ll see things balance out.


True love means spending time with those you care about. Make each moment count with others by putting them first while enjoying a mutual experience. A joint venture is a key element.


Even when feelings are low, your intentions are high. Pick a focus and let things pan out. It might seem tempting to give up or give in, but there is nothing more satisfying than completion. 


Riding the waves of emotional turbulence can seem both scary and fun. The worry will vanish by focusing on someone who keeps you grounded. In the end, it’s all about embracing true love.


The truth is often very compelling so seek it out in your affairs with others. Learn and request to know what others are perceiving. The amusement comes with seeing a personal puzzle solved.

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