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‘Digital Drag is for Lovers’ by Ebola Cherries comes Feb. 14

Thee Pandemic Queen, Utah’s own Ebola Cherries, has declared that “Digital Drag is Dead for Lovers” and announced a show to be released on Valentine’s Day with drag artists from coast to coast and from across the pond.

Ebola Cherries (she/her) started doing digital drag at the start of the pandemic and made her official digital debut on Tamisha Iman’s Virtual Drag Battle. She promotes public health practices and has received multiple grants from the state of Utah for her advocacy.

“You thought this year would be different. You thought it would be enough time to catch a date during cuffing season,” Ms. Cherries said. “But just in time for Valentine’s Day, these drag artists are sharing the love and are ready to give you a reason to stay home this year.”

The cast is as follows:

Sammee St. James (they/them) from Salt Lake City is an art world chameleon from clown to drag king to puppeteer. They strive to use their art to encourage everyone to truly love the skin they’re in and to always choose kindness. They work in theatre and co-founded Salty Clown Productions.

Holden McGroin (he/they) from Spokane, Wash., is a disabled drag king who specializes in gender-nonconforming performance. He says he’s a douche in the streets and a consent king in the sheets. This is the first time he’s been able to perform in person since the pandemic.

Snarebear (she/her), from Erie, Pa., is a fire queen. Originally from Pittsburgh, she likes to view herself as the anti-queen. Sometimes messy, mostly bearded, and always self-made, she is Miss Gay Erie 2022’s current reigning loser.

D’Manda Martini (she/her) is known as the Chanteuse of Southern Maryland and is a drag performer, cosplayer, and theatre artist. A DC-Area nominated actor and costume designer, she was the December winner of SLAY THEM, a monthly drag competition at Red Bear Brewing.

Fiancées Betty What (she/they) and Jazz What (she/they), of the Haus of What, will also bring their Sazón. Betty came to the United States nine years ago from Puerto Rico and moved to Maryland four years ago with her fiancée Jazz, who is also 30 years old, also from Puerto Rico, and is a teacher.

Shorti (she/her) is from Somerset, U.K., and is little but fierce. At only 4’ 9” she describes herself as the pocket-sized drag weirdo of the southwest. Her first live performance was a few months ago and brought her ridiculousness to the stage.

DIGITAL DRAG IS FOR LOVERS will premiere on February 14 on Ebola Cherries’ YouTube Channel, and will be available to watch anytime with the link. The show will donate a portion of proceeds to AkeeLah Blu’s tornado relief fund. Drag lovers may remember her in the Selma, Alabama episode of HBO’s WE’RE HERE.

Ebola Cherries’ social media handle is @MsEbolaCherries, and tickets are available by sending $15 with your email on Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, or Zelle (confirmation email A private link will be sent out on the day of the show.

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