QScopes — March, 2023

You are feeling the spirit of Spring on the horizon and it’s making you really excited. Give in to the temptations to have a good time and put all your worries aside. Bounce back in style!

What you want is hard to find, but it’s not out of reach. Keep your search broad and wide and be willing to dive deep. The path to success is paved with good ideas, so get to work now.

Nothing is worth losing your mind over, unless it’s someone you care about. Don’t let go of what defines you but be open to expanding your horizons with a friend or loved one. It’s exciting!

Regarding an important task, stay focused. This is a perfect time to get your finances in order and get your career needs back on track. Even if you don’t have a plan, the way forward is clear.

There could be confusion with family and friends regarding your needs. Spell out what is important and be willing to take charge. At the end of the day, you glide when you provide. Be firm.

The phrase “better late than never” doesn’t mean you have forever. If something is important, make the time. Even if you aren’t quick, move forward with your goals. It will make you happy.

With a new season coming, you want to get going. A vacation or focus on fun times will drive you forward. Decide what you want, or you’ll overload. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Bring good memories to your social gatherings instead of keeping them locked in the vault of your heart. You might hear some great stories in return. Social interaction is a game-changer!

Whatever the cause may be, you’re feeling a ton of pressure. Relieve it by letting go of a few burdens and replacing them with important lessons. An open mind is the key to a lighter heart.

The temptation to be defiant could get you into trouble, but you’re up for the challenge. Make sure to show sensitivity even when others seem capable of handling your whit. It’s important.

The cost to your inner peace will be challenged by an annoying friend. Keep your distance and practice diplomacy. If words don’t work, then actions might have to be adjusted. Tough love works.

The emotional support you provide is appreciated by someone in your life. Make a point to give time and space and be the support you desire to be. In the end, giving is better than receiving.

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