QScopes May 2023

ARIES: Change has always been cleansing to you, and this is a great time to refresh and renew. Time alone will do you good but make time for those who make you laugh. A big surprise could come in the form of an explosive force. Enjoy letting go of some tension.

TAURUS: The time for sleep will elude you this month. With a calendar filled to the brim, you may find life overwhelming. Mix a little fun into your obligatory activities to keep your spirits high. A relationship or close friendship will expand your vision of the world if you take the time to look.

 GEMINI: Blow off some steam by jumping into an amazing project. A short trip or adventure will be very desirable. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and embrace challenging people. Networking will get you what you are looking for, though be prepared for some added responsibilities.

 CANCER: When you spill the milk, don’t cry. Find some cream instead! The loss of something plain leads to something better. Love is always abundant, and your popularity will ensure a good time this month. Keep your chin up, Cancer. Things are about to get very interesting.

LEO: Stop stressing about things you can’t control. Don’t fear the self-expression of others, and start expressing some of your own creative inclinations. It’s not the end project but the process that counts. A career choice could leave you questioning if your head or heart will prevail.

VIRGO: You’ve been questioning your path. Now is the time to try something new. A difference of opinion with a friend will challenge your perceptions, and a fond discovery could set you in motion. An obligatory release of information is bound to cause a mess if revealed to a loved one. 

LIBRA: A flash of inspiration strikes this month. Your artistic medium of choice is your mind, and speech is your canvas. Share ideas with others. A family member who rarely speaks to you may make an appearance. Don’t let the lost time be a burden. It’s time to bond again.

SCORPIO: A sense of confusion has been a recurring theme lately. Take a deep breath and clear your head. Don’t worry about being right all the time but put your focus on what is right for you. Make love to a lover or share a good romp with a friend. You shouldn’t be alone.

SAGITTARIUS: Your family life is currently incompatible with your career, or so it seems. Find a balance by getting your priorities straight. The inclination to fight will lead to some passionate times. Channel passion into positive goals, and results will follow.

CAPRICORN: Falling off the wagon is never fun, so hold on tight. Keep fiscal responsibility in mind and save your resources for something truly desired. A sleepy period has crept upon you, but a spicy time is right around the corner. Get some rest and be ready for when things heat up.

AQUARIUS: Questions are bound to be plentiful while seeking for better understanding of a perplexing person. A dynamic with a co-worker or friend doesn’t go smoothly; it’s time to make things creamier. You may be more alike than you think. Good times will come in the form of a social affair.

PISCES: Express yourself and enjoy expressions from others. Resist the need to issue decrees to friends. Experience simple pleasures, like listening to music or reading a book. Inspiration for your own work will be found. An authority figure will offer resistance; be aware.

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