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Many feel they no longer belong at Utah Pride

To the directors of the Utah Pride Center:

I was Co-Volunteer of the Year for the Utah Pride Festival in 2017. I am a proud gay man, but at the same time, I am sad.

Many are concerned with your direction to basically program a three-day dance party. Headliners are great, but where are the Saliva Sisters and Salt Lake Men’s Choir, just to name a few? They are local talent deserving to be showcased and have been in the festival for decades. Is there no longer a place for them?

There is definitely a need for support of our youth, drag, trans, and POC individuals, but please don’t exclude other members of the broad LGBTQIA+ community.

There are many people who have told me they are not going to Pride this year. They say they feel they don’t belong anymore. I will be there to support our greater community and to be visible.


Dennis Lee

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