QScopes August 2023


Your advantage is knowing what to do when you’re willing to put in the work. Something has been on your mind lately, and you need to learn to deal, learn to like it, or simply get rid of it. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a chance!


Ever feel like someone is watching? It’s very possible they are! But it’s likely pure admiration due to a job well done. Take pride, and don’t be afraid to show the world what you’ve got. Even if it’s been a while, enjoy the attention.


Whoever called the end of summer vacations a drag didn’t count on your love of the seasons. It’s going to be hot for a bit, but the promise of cooler weather is already calling to your soul. Make the best of what is going on but prepare.


As time goes by faster due to having fun, so is your patience. While it’s not like you to rush, the activities are driving the desire for more. Keep up with the pace in your heart, and your head will follow. Just don’t get mental whiplash.


The most frightening thing for you is losing control. That’s not to say that a good ride isn’t tempting, but something could be getting in the way of your security. Hold on tight to what matters and push forward. It’s going to be fine.


It’s been a while since you really let go of inhibition and gave pure fun a chance. Whether it be with friends or a new group — parties and celebration are at hand. Get out there, and don’t be afraid to dance with somebody with rhythm.


A mindless game is going to annoy you, but there’s hope for the future. Get out of a situation that makes you fret and change your activities for the better. A financial matter could require attention. Security leads to glee.


It’s easy to forgive when you get what matters most. What that thing is depends on you, but be fair with casting judgment. While your feelings say one thing, the head knows the best way to find peace. Go easy on a tired friend.


The thought of falling behind is on your mind, but there’s always time to catch up. Don’t let a family matter drag you into a place you can’t cope with. The best way to find inner peace is through figuring out what really matters to you.


Even if you had time, it wouldn’t be good to rock the boat. Stay steady and hold on to your wits. A family member or partner needs your help, and giving is always better than receiving. Be the rock and let emotions flow around you.


Something is going to get others talking about you if you play your cards right. Giving back is something you are often good at, despite your inner rebel. Take charge and show the world that you can be the boss. You’re electrifying!


Nothing and everything is happening at once. Figure out what to hold to and what to walk away from. Even if it takes a while, you know the way back home. The heart is calling for you to make a change back to form. Answer the call.

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