QScopes October 2023


Try being something else for a change to get a different perspective. Walking in the shoes or clothes of others is a good way to find creative ways to relate. Don’t work too hard on friendships that aren’t bringing joy. Focus on connections.


Nature is a force you are willing to deal with, but only if there are some healing benefits in the mix. The world is seeming a little small lately, so getting out and seeing more of it will help broaden the horizons. Keep the joy flowing and going.


Whatever you’re going through is only temporary, even if it’s been going on for a while. The past has a way of lingering like a foul stench. Shower yourself with love and acceptance. A friend could be more helpful in this than believed.


With everything happening in your social circles, you may have neglected to care for yourself. Take comfort in the smaller pleasures, and don’t give up on being neat and tidy. The control you gain will aid in overcoming the darkness.


A moment of silence will be necessary in a loud place. Seek answers from within to bathe in inner peace. Parties and festivities are common, and while it might be tempting to be in charge, taking a backseat may be preferred.


A lot of changes mean confusion in the world you inhabit. It’s okay, nothing is going to break unless you push it too hard. Check in on your friends, get finances in order, and find new ways of doing the old tasks. Change is a good thing.


Whether this is your favorite season or not, there’s no denying that you feel good right now. Indulge in the cool nights and warm gatherings. Truth is not about knowing what is real, but understanding what is right for you. Relax!


It might seem challenging to get past an old beef. Rest assured, it’s easier to get over it. Focus more on love and connections and less on what makes the world go round. Have a party or gathering, or get dressed and go out.


Don’t go looking for trouble, but get yourself into a little from time to time. It’s good to let your hair down. A family matter is puzzling at best, but letting go will allow the wrinkles to work out naturally. A big surprise is coming.


Pressure may be on to get a new career, but your creative side is calling. It is best to answer it. Seek a new method of expression and allow the world to see who you are. Those close to you may be scared but fascinated, too.


No one is in your way, but it might seem like it. Look both ways before crossing into unexplored territory and get a move on when no one is there. A likely source of income is bound to help in a tough time. Be yourself and do good work.


Gifts are bound to fall into your lap, and delights will seek you out. There is nothing wrong with having some unplanned adventures, but keep an eye on your watch. Time has a way of getting away from you. Even so, it’s okay to play.

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