November 2023 QScopes


Family and friends are going to be a focus in life right now. It’s okay to set some rules and allow yourself the space you need. But don’t neglect your own needs to feel a sense of belonging and community. The festivities are starting.


Whatever you think is going on, there are things you clearly need to figure out. Do what it takes to put things in perspective, whether that means writing it down or sending yourself an email. Be your own best friend and advocate now.


Your dreams aren’t all coming true, but some seem to be manifesting as a reality in forms you weren’t expecting. That is all good because the world needs to make sense to make room for imagination. In the end, satisfaction will come.


Far from home is a place you want to be, but it’s not always possible to get away. Do what you can to bring a sense of that place to you. Buy, create, and let your creative process do the rest. The world is your playground, and so is home.


The dance you perform when you’re alone could be loved by the world outside. Dare to share and be there for those who see you. If anything, you could work on expanding your horizons by sharing and learning. Throw a party and dance away.


What’s going on with you, Virgo? It’s like you don’t even know what you want, and it almost doesn’t matter. That is because you are riding high and living your best life. While this may not be totally true, there’s no reason not to believe.


You thrive during this season, and it’s a good feeling to be back here again. The temptation to outdo last year is tempting, but sometimes less is better. Keep plans small, and you’ll find the best things come in quaint packages. Have fun!


The last time you were here, it was not easy to figure out where you were. But it’s a new day, and forward-thinking serves you well. Help friends and loved ones see you want to be a strong superhero for them, and save the day with love.


Whoever is trying hard is not really doing the most important work, which is finding balance within. The peace you need is nothing to apologize for. Anyone judging is likely falling shorter than you. Stand tall, and find yourself in a good place.


You might be wondering when the rest of your life is going to begin. Would it surprise you to find that it is already starting? Embrace the moment and move forward on that big project you’ve been putting off. Your life is one of passion.


With great pride comes amazing revelations. While you might not feel it now, the world is in love with you. You might not fully understand what this means, but the message is clear: the world is what you make it. Size doesn’t matter.


Someone surprised you lately with a perspective on worth that you didn’t consider. What you put on the radar is a tricky one, as you want to care but also want to focus. Finding out that everyone is worthy of attention provides clarity.

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