Transgender Day of Remembrance

Tiffany Banks, 25, Miami Fla.
Tiffany was shot and killed on Saturday, October 1. Four days later, a man was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. Tiffany loved to sing and dance. Her family described her a “the light that would brighten up anyone’s darkest day.”

Myles Fitzpatrick, 17, Manville N.J.

Myles died by suicide after enduring bullying and harassment at school. After his death, his (supportive) family filed a lawsuit against his school, alleging that they had failed to prevent or act on the treatment he had received from other students. Myles had been transitioning since December 2020.

Adalyn Anderson, 24, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Adalyn died by suicide. Her family said she was a private, witty, and loving daughter and sister who survived numerous trials in her life until she reached a moment when she felt she could no longer go on. In the past two years, she became confident in who she was and was not afraid to show it. The family asked for donations to the Trevor Project in her obituary.

Kelly Loving, 40, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Kelly was one of five people shot and killed in the Club Q shooting. Friends described Loving as a person who wanted her friends to shine and helped them shine. Loving’s sister said she used her body as a shield to help save a young man’s life during the shooting.

Daniel Davis Aston, 28, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Daniel was one of five people shot and killed in the Club Q shooting. He moved to Colorado Springs two years before his murder and worked as a bartender and entertainer at Club Q. His parents would join in the cheer at his shows. His mother said his shows were great. “Everybody needs to go see him. He lit up a room, always smiling, always happy and silly,” she said.

Diamond Jackson McDonald, 27, Philadelphia, Penn.

Diamond was found shot to death inside her mother’s apartment. Investigators said the door to the apartment was open, and there were no obvious signs of forced entry. Media sources say she may have known her killer. I just want the world to know that Diamond was my rock, my shoulder, my child whom I love with every inch of me of what I have left to give,” her mother, said

Day Rodus, 27, Malibu, Calif.

A passer-by found Rodus unresponsive on a roadside in the Santa Monica area. Preliminary information indicated that Rodas had overdosed, and her body was brought to the location. The incident is being investigated as a homicide, but the exact cause of death has not been determined. Rodus worked for the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s community health program.

Morgan Dee, 32, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Dee died by suicide. She was reportedly anxious about how trans people were treated by society.

Destiny Howard, 23, Macon, Ga.

Destiny’s body was found in a parking lot. Jaleel Parker, who was said to be in a relationship with Howard, was arrested two days later. “Her greatest passion was fashion,” her obituary said. “She loved to dress in the latest style.”

Mar’Quis Jackson, 33, Philadelphia, Penn.

MJ’s body was found in a backyard two days after he died from being beaten and left shoeless outside on a winter day while celebrating his birthday. Jackson was a supporter of the William Way LGBTQ+ community center in Philadelphia; the Free Ky Project, which seeks to free Ky Peterson, a young Black trans man who was convicted of killing an alleged attacker in 2011; and the Transgender Legal Defense Fund.

Henry Berg-Brousseau, 24, Louisville, Ky.

Henry died by suicide. His mother, a Kentucky state senator, said Henry was a trans rights advocate on whom “a lack of acceptance took a toll.” She said Henry had just received a big promotion working for the Human Rights Campaign, and, while he finally found a community, “that could not undo the brokenness that he already felt.”

Caelee Love-Light, 27, Phoenix, Ariz.

Caelee was found shot dead in a car along with a 40-year-old man who was later pronounced dead from knife wounds. Caelee loved to read and enjoyed learning something new every day. She was also a religious and spiritual person who “passionately defended nonbinary and trans folks

Levi Martin, 17, Lakeville, Mass.

Levi died by suicide, fueled by terror over how society treated transgender people. He was described by family as their “intersex, transgender, gay son who was assigned female at birth. While he was raised as a girl, we didn’t know that his DNA was male.” He had a condition called Swyer’s Syndrome, a disorder where the sex glands (i.e., testicles or ovaries) fail to develop. “He was spunky, sassy, feisty, and confident, until he wasn’t. He was funny, intelligent, quirky, argumentative, loving, stubborn, and kind, always.”

Gwen Gatewood, 22, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Gwen died by suicide. Diagnosed with a debilitating chronic disease at 14, Gwen went through constant surgeries, months-long stays in the hospital, and having a colostomy bag as a freshman in high school. Her sister said she was always had an endearing personality and welcoming heart, and was brave, witty, compassionate, and strong

Jasmine ‘Star’ Mack, 36, Washington, D.C.

Jasmine was found dead from a stab wound to the thigh by police. “She loved everybody,” Mack’s sister, Pamela Witherspoon, said. “Most of all, I’m going to miss her saying, ‘I love you sister, I love you.’ I’m going to do right.”

KC Johnson, 27, Wilmington, N.C.

KC was found dead in the Savannah River. She had been reported missing by her partner after she did not return from going out on a date. KC loved playing video games, vibing, and relaxing to music, she loved playing Magic the Gathering (trading card game.) Her social media is filled with manga and anime images. A 26-year-old was charged with the murder and awaits a trial.

Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, 26, Atlanta Ga.

While defending Atlanta’s South River Forest from the construction of a law enforcement training village, queer community organizer Tortuguita, was shot 57 times and killed by police. The medical examiner called the killing a murder, as an autopsy showed they had their hands up. “They were a trained medic, a loving partner, a dear friend, a brave soul, and so much more,” Atlanta Press Collective reported.

Olivia Snow, 47, New York City, N.Y.

Olivia was a freelance makeup artist. She was found deceased in a hotel room by staff, and her death is under investigation by the NYPD.

Maria Jose Rivera Rivera, 23, Houston, Texas

Maria was one of two adults found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in an apartment complex. Her supervisor said, “I always looked forward to speaking with her. She was lively, funny, and dynamic. Transgender people who are immigrants suffer two levels of oppression and marginalization from society. This makes them especially vulnerable to harm. The transgender immigrant community deserves respect and safety.”

Unique Banks, 20, Chicago, Ill.

Unique and her mother were fatally shot during a home invasion in Chicago. Two other trans women and her mother’s boyfriend were also critically injured in the mass shooting. A 19-year-old suspect who lives in the same apartment complex was questioned and released.

Ivory Nicole Smith, 27, San Fransisco, Calif.

Ivory, a well-known Black transgender activist and entrepreneur, was found dead in her apartment. A San Francisco native and Tenderloin resident, she had served as a program associate in the Transgender District and as a member of the Trans Advisory Committee with the city’s Office of Transgender Initiatives.

Imanitwitaho Zachee, Louisville, Ky.

Zachee was shot outside her place of employment. The shooter — a man who worked for the same company — has been arrested. “She was always happy. Always walking down the hallways smiling,” a coworker said. “Even when she knew they were talking about her, she didn’t care. She was always happy.”

Cashay Henderson, Milwaukee, Wisc.

Cashay’s body was found in an apartment by firefighters investigating a fire. She had been shot dead before the fire was started. “She was a bubbly spirit with a down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is personality. Cashay was a transgender female and was as beautiful as can be, inside and out. Cashay didn’t deserve what happened to her,” wrote friend Veronica Beck. A suspect pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and awaits trial.

Kayleigh Scott, 25, Denver, Colo.

Kayleigh died by suicide. She worked as a flight attendant and shared her story for a 2020 Trans Day of Visibility video made by United. She ended it with “So here’s to all the pain Kyle went through, so that Kayleigh could live today. Two years later, she explained in an Instagram post she was planning to take her life. “As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down,” she posted.

Tasiyah Woodland, 18, Mechanicsville, Va.

Tasiyah was shot and killed outside the Big Dogs Paradise Bar in Mechanicsville on Friday, March 24. Police arrested Darryl Carlton Parks Jr., 29, in connection with her death. Woodland’s aunt described her as a “powerful spirit” who was “protective of those she loved.” “She loved to have a good time, smile and laugh and spend time with her family,” she wrote. “She was never too far when you needed her.”

Ashley Burton, 37, Atlanta, Ga.

Ashley was shot outside her apartment building after running outside crying for help from neighbors. A convicted felon was charged with her murder and awaits trial. Burton’s family said she was a hairstylist who was loved “from South Carolina to Atlanta,” “The way my sibling moved in life, it was…take it or leave it. ‘This is how I am.’ You can respect it or neglect it.”

Moe Moore, 18, Louiseville, Ky.

Moe’s body was found in the Ohio River two days after a team found their submerged vehicle.

Rasheeda “Koko Da Doll” Williams, 35, Atlanta Ga.

Rasheeda was shot in the face in downtown Atlanta. She was one of the four subjects of the D. Smith documentary “Kokomo City,” which won a Next Innovator Award and an audience award at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. In it, she discussed her life as a sex worker and a rapper. Police arrested a 17-year-old suspect.

Banko Paso/Brown, 24, San Francisco, Calif.

Banko was shot and killed by an armed security officer at a Walgreens in San Francisco. He was 24 years old and had been involved with the nonprofit Young Women’s Freedom Centre since he was 12. Police arrested the security guard before releasing him without charge. When the video of the confrontation in which Banko died was released, the refusal to bring charges caused a public outcry.

Ome Ghandi, 16, Salt Lake City, Utah

The bodies of Ome Ghandi and her father, Parth Gandhi, were found inside Parth’s neuropsychology clinic at 2936 S. Highland Drive. Police say Gandhi shot and killed Ome and then killed himself. Ome’s mother claims she tried to protect her from the abuse of her father for 15 years, but the system failed her.

Nova Dunne, 14, Manchester, N.H.

Nova left his school, climbed the 6′ chain-link fence and lept into traffic. Sources alleged that bullying and transphobia factored into his death of the teen.

Ashia Davis, 34, Highland Park, Mich.

Davis was found dead in a hotel room in a suburb of Detroit. Police are investigating her death as a homicide and have released video of a man walking and running from the hotel as a possible suspect. She was described as full of joy, devoted to her faith, and a loving dog owner to a Yorkie named Clyde.

Chanell Perez Ortiz, 29, Carolina, P.R.

Chanell’s bullet-ridden body was found at about 5:25 in the morning along a highway behind a university campus in Puerto Rico. Perez Ortiz worked as a cosmetologist and was keenly interested in fashion, often posting quotes from the famed fashion designer Coco Chanel on social media. “Chanell shared a lot of playful, fun content, and clearly had strong friendships with people who are grieving her deeply.”

Michelle Dionne Peacock, 59, Richmond, Ind.

Michelle was a cisgender woman who had survived cancer. She was stabbed to death by a neighbor because her alleged killer believed she was transgender. According to police, 67-year-old Tommy W. Earl approached Peacock – who was in a gazebo south of the apartment building – and slit her throat with a straight razor. He told investigators Peacock was a “male acting like a woman,” and that he’d “do it again.”

Jacob Williamson, 18, Pageland, S.C.

Williamson was found dead only a month and a half after he started living as a man. Investigators say the transgender teen met a man online and planned to go to an amusement park with him. The two ended up traveling several hours to the man’s home, where investigators say Jacob was killed. The man was charged with first-degree murder and obstruction of justice, and his live-in girlfriend was charged as an accessory.

Colin Smith, 32, Portland, Ore.

Colin was killed while defending a transgender co-worker from a verbal attack. He was the second cisgender person killed in the US in a transphobic attack within a week. Smith and his co-workers were outside a bar when the man began targeting Smith’s transgender friend. Smith intervened to defend them and was allegedly stabbed multiple times by Rahnique Jackson, who was arrested five days later.  

Fernielle Mary Mora, 26, New York City

Mora, who graduated from Harvey Milk High School and had in the past been a member of the Hetrick-Martin Institute Youth, was found dead at her home in the Bronx under suspicious circumstances. One report said she’d received recent threats to her life. Mora had a “larger-than-life personality who was wonderful, empathic, and silly.”

Camdyn Rider, 21, Winter Haven, Fla.

Rider was eight months pregnant when his partner allegedly fatally shot him outside their central Florida home. Riley Groover, 26, of Winter Haven, Florida, allegedly shot and killed himself after shooting his pregnant fiancé “multiple” times in front of witnesses outside of their home. The victim’s unborn baby was “unable to be saved.”

DéVonnie J’Rae Johnson, 28, Los Angeles, Calif.

Johnson, a Black trans woman who was experiencing homelessness, was fatally shot by a security guard at a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles. Johnson was an artist who had moved to Los Angeles from Tulsa, Okla., in 2020 to proceed with her transition. Friends said she “loved music, comedies, hanging with friends, and giving back to her community.”

Luis Ángel Diaz Castro, 22, San Juan, P.R.

Luis’ body was found gagged at his home and his ex-partner, who Luis had reported on domestic violence charges, is the main suspect. Luis is remembered by his family for his love of Latino music, noting Hector Maysonet and Chema y JohnD as his favorite musicians.

Catherine Wheeler, 35, North Canton, Ohio

Catherine died by suicide. Friends said she was “an immensely smart kid with a love of AC/DC,” who loved to “beat your Grandma at card games.”

Bre’Asia Bankz, 27, Casa Grande, Ariz.

Bre’Asia was reportedly murdered by her boyfriend. Bre’Asia identified as nonbinary and used she/her pronouns. She loved to dance, spend time with her siblings and cousins, and filled her social media with fashion, hair, makeup, and celebrity posts. She singled out the movies ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Love & Basketball’ as her favorites.

Shainah Turner, 42, Augusta, Ga.

Turner’s body was found without clothing on her bedroom floor. An autopsy is pending. She had posted several times through Aug. 24 before they suddenly stopped. She was a frequent traveler and lived in Allen Homes inside an apartment on New Savannah Road in Augusta.

Mechele Lee Jones, 53, Sparks, Nev.

Mechele was found behind a commercial establishment. Authorities are searching for next of kin.

Sherlyn Marjorie, 35, Albuquerque, N.M.

Sherlyn was killed by a man she was involved with. Reportedly he killed her because he did not want her to reveal their relationship to his family. Jose Juan Mendoza Espinoza reportedly “admitted to being in a clandestine sexual relationship with Ms. Marjorie,” and he allegedly paid her to stay quiet about it.

Dacoda ‘Codii’ Lawrence, 25, Steubenville, WV

Codii was struck and killed by a vehicle. Born in Port Huron, Michigan, before moving to Winterville, Ohio, Codii grew up with three siblings and his parents. He most recently worked as a cook at a Steubenville restaurant. Codii had multiple social media accounts filled with the typical content of a 20-something young adult – music, tv shows, books, and games he enjoyed. And his friends.

Kylie Monali, 41, Riverside, Calif.

Kylie Monali was killed in prison by her cellmate. Kylie’s parents are suing the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, alleging the department acted negligently by allowing Kylie to be housed in a cell with a convicted sex offender who had a history of violent behavior. The suit states Kylie was vulnerable because she was transgender and HIV-positive.

Thomas “Tom Tom” Robinson, 28, Calumet, Ind.

Tom-Tom was a Black gender nonconforming person who was the victim of a fatal gunshot injury, They died at the scene. They were working as a cook at a local IHOP and frequently changed their hairstyle and color, posting many online photos of his artistry

Charm Wilson, 32, Cleveland, Ohio

Charm Wilson was a Black trans woman who was struck and killed by a car in her hometown. The driver was taken into police custody, but there is no word on charges being filed. Charm showed interest in photography and art, followed several prominent Black public figures, and liked the musician Dishikiii. Her friends speak of her vibrancy and enthusiasm, her tendency to embrace life with intensity. A balloon release was held by her family

Alexa Sokova, 30, Palm Bay, FL

Alexa’s body was found in an undeveloped area of Palm Bay known as “The Compound.” The undeveloped area has been a hot spot for homicides in Palm Bay. It is also where citizens frequent for off-road recreational activities. She had been reported missing for weeks. Her car was pulled over in another state and the occupants reportedly confessed to the murder and the location of the body.

Yoko, 30, New Orleans, LA

New Orleans-based nonbinary artist YOKO was killed in a hit and run accident on September 19. They were 30 years old. YOKO, an acronym for You Only Know One, was a visual artist and DJ. Yoko worked as a tattoo artist at Slangin’ Dat Ink. Born and raised in New Orleans, YOKO used they/them pronouns. YOKO’s socials are filled with beautiful images of their own creation and others. Further, their creativity transcended genres.

Mercedes Santana, 28, Chicago, IL

Elena Esther Adem, Dallas, Texas

Elena’s body was found in July. No details are publicly available.

UNKNOWN, Eugene, Ore.

Tree Crane, Salt Lake City, Utah

Tree Crane went to sleep in their dorm bed in Greely, Colorado and never woke up. Tree was extremely intelligent, diligent, artistic, spirited, generous, funny, kind, brave, protective, wise beyond their years and “the best child anyone could ask for.” They had a great sense of humor, a beautiful voice for singing, and a loud and proud voice for individuality and human rights.

Jaycee Crostland, 15, Liberty Hill, Texas

Jaycee died of suicide at the age of 15. They had a soft spot in their heart for old muscle vehicles and rods, especially hot rods. Jaycee was already examining vehicles at the age of two, and could identify the brand and model of every vehicle they observed.

Aggie Jean Livingston,

A one-of-a-kind human who brought so much joy and love to everyone around them. Tragically lost to suicide in August 2023. Gone but never ever forgotten.

Tabitha Murray, 26, Roxbury, Mass.

Tabitha died from a drug overdose in a South Boston public housing complex and occasionally is listed as homeless in court documents. Boston Police and other city officials were refusing to identify the deceased prior to this on account of their gender identity.

Elijah, Boston, Mass.

Tyler Svetich, 22, Salt Lake City, UT

Tyler’s body was found in a surplus canal in the Jordan River on Saturday, June 10. Svetich was first reported missing by the Unified Police Department in May, saying they had not been to their Millcreek apartment in nearly a month.

Fisher Jones, 24, Salt Lake City, Utah

Anonymous, 61, not publicly out, Salt Lake City, Utah

Emoni ‘Nicole Wright’ Xchange, 26, Detroit, Mich.

According to her obituary, Emoni was the light of every room she walked in. Emoni put a smile on everyone’s face without having to say a word. As a child, she always walked to the beat of her own drum in spite of what anyone thought of her. Emoni’s love of fashion, dance and just being THAT GIRL was the flame that lit the fire she needed to soar.

Tyler Barclay, 19, Kissimmee, Fla.

Kenzie Webler, 27, Olympia, Wash.

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