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‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni teams up with National Geographic

‘Queer Eye’ star Antoni teams up with National Geographic

Want to go globe-trotting with “Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski? You’ll be able to when his latest series with National Geographic, “No Taste Like Home with Antoni Porowski,” is cooked up for TV. Executive produced by King of The Yelling Chefs Gordon Ramsay, the show will follow Porowski and a collection of global celebrities as they embark on journeys of taste, celebrating their various ancestries, food traditions and family stories. Locations planned for the first season include Germany, Senegal, Italy, South Korea, Malaysian Borneo and the United States. Expect uplifting and heartwarming vibes — this is from a “Queer Eye” cast member, remember — and a lot of delicious meals you’ll want to Postmates as soon as possible. As for the celebrities, they’re currently unannounced, but if we’re allowed to vote we’d like to request the two hot dudes from “RRR,” thanks.

Devery Jacobs, from ‘Reservation Dogs’ to ‘This Place’

If you watched all three amazing seasons of the wonderful FX comedy-drama series “Reservation Dogs,” then you’re well acquainted with star Devery Jacobs (and if you haven’t seen it, then get busy; you’ll thank us). And now that that show has wrapped up and sent its young stars off to other projects, Jacobs has a new Canadian indie feature she co-wrote called “This Place.” From director V.T. Nayani, it’s the story of two young women in Toronto on the road to adulthood: Kawenniióhstha (Jacobs) a Mohawk/Iranian poet searching for her father, and Malai (up-and-coming actor Priya Guns), a Tamil graduate student deal with alcoholism in her family. Together they work through their backgrounds and fall in love. Jacobs also wrote for “Reservation Dogs,” so we can’t wait to see what this one holds. Currently making the film festival rounds, look for it near you sooner or later.

Zachary Quinto and Jacob Elordi go ‘That Way’

In 1964, Dave Pitts, a chimpanzee trainer for the traveling entertainment show “The Ice Capades,” picked up the wrong hitchhiker, young serial killer Larry Lee Ranes, and it began a strange, frightening, three-day ordeal. Happy ending: Pitts survived, as did the chimp in his custody, and his story forms the basis for the new film “He Went That Way,” starring Zachary Quinto, “Euphoria” cast member Jacob Elordi — who also stars in two prestige films this fall, “Saltburn” and “Priscilla” — and a performing chimp. Based in part on Conrad Hilberry’s book, “Luke Karamazov,” the film is the final project from Australian director Jeffrey Darling, who died in a surfing accident in 2022. Currently set for theatrical release in early 2024, it’s probably the first and only time a serial killer thriller will also feature lovable animal stunts for comic relief. For the record, we’re fully sold on that.

‘The Crime is Mine’ for Christmas

The films of acclaimed queer French filmmaker François Ozon have become international arthouse staples over the past three decades, and he’s not stopping now. His latest, “The Crime is Mine,” is a period screwball comedy/show-business caper set in 1930s Paris. Rising French actresses Nadia Tereszkiewicz and Rebecca Marder play a pair of struggling Parisians who turn a random death into art when one of them goes on trial for murder and the other exploits it for tabloid fame and fortune (see: John Waters’ “Female Trouble” for reference). Co-starring French legend Isabelle Huppert as a silent film actress, it follows in Ozon’s tradition of farces like the hit “8 Women” and hits U.S. theaters on Dec. 25. Sounds like a Joyeux Noel to us.

Romeo San Vicente speaks fluent croissant.

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