National Log Cabin Republicans dissolves Utah Chapter

The national Log Cabin Republicans political organization dissolved its Utah chapter. The chapter had been active since at least 1993.

Citing “a series of serious violations of the terms of our Chapter Qualification Agreement,” Charles T. Moran, president of the national Log Cabin Republicans, sent a letter to the Utah Chapter saying they were out of compliance.

“As a 501(c)(4) organization, Log Cabin Republicans relies on the strength and integrity of our brand to advance our mission of promoting equality and inclusion within the Republican Party. To maintain this integrity, we require that all of our chapters adhere to a set of guidelines and standards for the use of our branding, name, and logo,” the letter stated. “However, after a thorough review of your chapter’s activities, we have found that at least one of your Executive Board members has repeatedly violated these guidelines. Specifically, you have used the Log Cabin Republicans branding, name, and logo in ways that are inconsistent with our values. This includes promoting discord within the greater LCR community, as well as within the Utah Republican Party.”

“After numerous attempts to mitigate and remediate this situation, our only option is to dissolve the Log Cabin Republicans of Utah chapter effective immediately,” the letter stated. “We regret that it has come to this, and we understand that this decision will be difficult for you and your members. However, we must prioritize the integrity and reputation of our organization.”

In a press release, Goud Maragani, who was the president of the Utah Chapter, announced, “Effective immediately, the Utah Log Cabin Republicans Charter is dissolved and replaced with the Utah Gay-Straight Coalition.”

Maragani called the new organization the “go-to organization of citizens working together to ensure transparent and fact-based policymaking in Utah.”

“This development follows a period of substantial growth and political engagement previously facilitated by the ULCR under the guidance of Goud Maragani,” the release stated. “During its tenure, the ULCR worked hand in hand with elected officials to protect Utah’s children from the draconian and outrageous trans movement targeting our children.”

“Unfortunately, some ‘Republicans’ in Utah do not like our practice of transparent, common sense, and fact-based policymaking. We are told they contacted the national Log Cabin Republicans, pressuring the National office to shut down the Utah chapter,” Maragani said. “It seems that behind the scenes, some prominent ‘Republicans’ support a left-wing agenda that is anti-family and promotes the trans-ing of Utah’s children.”

“UGSC will continue its laser focus on issues that matter to Utahns, like keeping biological males out of women’s locker rooms; banning teaching about gender identity in our schools; getting pornographic books out of schools and the children’s sections in our libraries; addressing wildfire danger, especially in the Cottonwood Canyons; protecting Utah’s homeowners from predatory HOAs and management companies; and much more,” the release continued.

The new group will be on social media at x.com/UtahGSC, fb.me/utahgayconservatives, and instagram.com/utahgaystraightcoalition.

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