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Click, click Christmas

Whenever my mom says she can’t find a certain item in any store, Kelly always says, “click, click, click.” It’s his way of trying to persuade my nonagenarian mother that the internet is for shopping. And he is the king of online shopping.

This holiday season, why face the crowds and the chaos of shopping for gifts for your favorite LGBTQ+ families in stores when you can find the perfect presents online? There are myriad online sellers with some really great merchandise for the gay dad or lesbian mom in your life.

Etsy, which specializes in handmade and vintage items, has quite a large selection of cute stocking stuffers and unique gifts.

Among my favorites for the guys:

  • Picture frames inscribed with “Double the Dads, Double the Love” (it also comes as a onesie) or “Some Babies Have One Daddy but the Luckiest Ones Have Two”
  • A rustic sign announcing “Life is Better with Two Dads”
  • Coffee cups declaring “Gay Dads Are the Best Dads” or “Ask Your Other Dad”
  • A cute tee-shirt for toddlers proclaiming the wearer is a member of the “Two Dad Club”

Redbubble, another e-commerce site focused on “print on demand” products, offers a ton of clothing and other gift ideas.

Among my favorites for the moms:

  • Tee shirts for the mothers reading “Two Mom Crew” or “Mom Power X2”
  • Some clever onesies stating, “Loved by Two Moms” or “Smart Like Mommy, Strong Like Mama” (I love that one!)
  • A fun throw blanket announcing, “I Am Loved by My Two Mommies”
  • A variety of decals and pins, including those featuring two moms with a rainbow umbrella to protect their kids from the rain

Chewy, the online retailer of pet food and other associated products, has a nice selection of pride-related items. Among some of my favorites are:

For the dogs:

  • Plush squeaky toys emblazoned with “Love is Love” or the heart-shaped “My Dads Love Me”
  • “Pride” tug-of-war ropes

For the kitties:

  • Pride mice-shaped toys filled with catnip
  • A “Love Wins” cardboard cat house

Of course, there are some terrific brick-and-mortar stores right here in Salt Lake City where you can get awesome presents for that special gay dad or lesbian mom in your life. Cahoots and Cabin Fever are chock full of fun gift ideas. And The King’s English is simply the best bookstore anywhere.

Perhaps you’d rather give a more meaningful gift. Going online makes donating to worthy causes incredibly easy. And there are a plethora of them out there that are focused on helping the LGBTQ+ community. Just a few are:

  • Family Equality, which has spent over 40 years ensuring that everyone has the right to “find, form and sustain their family.” (familyequality.org)
  • Rainbow Families, a volunteer organization dedicated to helping and supporting LGBTQ+ families, parents, and prospective parents. (rainbowfamilies.org)
  • The Trevor Project that is literally saving queer youth through suicide prevention and crisis intervention. (thetrevorproject.org)
  • The Human Rights Campaign, which fights for equality of gay people everywhere. (thehrcfoundation.org)

If you’d rather focus on making a local difference, there are several organizations doing some amazing work, including:

  • Encircle, offering “mental health services and resources for LGBTQ+ youth, young adults and families.” (encircletogether.org)
  • Equality Utah, dedicated to fighting for the rights of all Utah’s queer community (equalityutah.org)
  • The Salt Lake Men’s Choir, which keeps Michael Aaron from singing in the shower (saltlakemenschoir.org)

Look, there’s absolutely no way my mom is ever going to shop online. But don’t worry, Kelly’s fingers are already click, click, clicking away!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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