QScopes, December 2023


It’s time to reconnect with those who have fallen to the sidelines lately. There is certainly time for parties and festivities, but the best gift is that of connection and getting to know the past again. Nostalgia, it would seem, is supreme.


While it has been a calmer season than most, lower expectations tend to lead to more rewards in the long run. Keep looking at simplifying your plans, and don’t give in to desires without ensuring the payoff first. Less is more!


Your intentions are always pure, but that could lead to overconfidence. There’s certainly no harm in seeing the best in yourself, but don’t let your heart and head inflate like a balloon. Keep your plans from popping, and take it easy.


For some reason, there seem to be more invites than you have time or energy for. Choose wisely and base decisions on quality over quantity. Your friends are likely to put pressure on you, so be honest and go with those who care.


Have you ever felt as though confusion is more common than clarity? Is every thought formed in your mind as a question? Looking to end the cycle? The answer is simple – accept that some things are simply as they are. Stop overthinking.


Family and friends are probably your main focus at the moment, and there is nothing that can stop that. But you might find a call for help, and answering it will be the best thing you can do. It’s better to give than receive, especially this season.


Friends want more of you, which is a surprise since you feel you’ve given all you can. But feeling needed feels good right now. You could find there is more joy to pass out than you thought. Don’t hold anything back.


A surprise mutual attraction could lead to some good times. It’s always in your best interest to follow the path to pleasure, especially with those you can trust. Show caution when dealing with someone who has prior commitments.


Where the road is going, no one can say. But since it’s taking you in the generally correct direction, there’s no reason to make a major course change. Focus more on obstacles from those with selfish needs, but don’t overcorrect either.


Dive into work that satisfies your heart and soul. There is no need for monetary gain when the heart is feeling warm and fuzzy. The only thing you need to consider is the legacy you are hoping to leave behind. The joy comes from expression. 


Trying nothing is always better than doing something you don’t feel good about. It might be prudent to let the good times come to you and have faith that what you need isn’t far off. The passive way feels good for a while, so rest up.


The world seems to be more united in your mind than it really is. It’s a reflection of what you have in your mind. The calm you feel originates from understanding what hope feels like, and there’s no reason why you can’t spread it to others.

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