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A failure in communication with a friend can cause some problems. Remember that we are all human, and the failings of others are mistakes, not assaults. More likely than not, a friend’s carefree attitude is simply their way of dealing with their problems. Take a moment to do the same and simply chill out for a bit.


Feeling that things could be going better right now? Likely, this feeling comes from boredom rather than failure. There is always a higher conquest and a goal to accomplish, but only because you want more than you have. Look for some new adventures, but don’t lose sight of how good things are right now either


Running away from a problem will make it worse. Find creative solutions, and everything will turn out for the best. Inspiration will flow from meeting with a good friend or lover. The longer you wait to take action, the worse the overall results could be. Get it over and done with. Spend time working on the things that matter.


Get used to having your way when things are going well, but don’t lose a sense of objectivity. A hard time is always possible, and leading astray is a real possibility if consideration for the absurd is lost. Have a wild time and get your head clear and in the right place. Only then will the outside stimuli become null and void.


Don’t let your voice go unheard.  But don’t be so loud that you can’t hear others. A workplace conflict can be avoided if fairness in communication can be followed. Obtain something valuable and don’t let it go until it is no longer useful. Life is all about gaining and giving up. Find balance, and validation will always follow.


A vision of beauty has become the standard for potential lovers, but don’t let it hold you back from seeing others on their own terms. Don’t lose the human element of a personal relationship, but instead realize that not all difficulties are challenges, but simply different perceptions. Expand your mind and let it go of preconceptions.


There is plenty of room at the table for extra guests, so welcome those who show respect and courtesy. Not everyone is worth your time, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t worth to be found. Keep learning as much as you can about the people you know, and find a sense of place that has been recently absent. Life is complex.


The quality of a new toy will amaze you beyond belief. Don’t worry if others are jealous, but don’t share with those who are simply looking to take advantage. There is no need to look too deep into a personal situation that has been causing a rift in your belief system. Instead, prioritize and focus on the things you enjoy now.


Be wise and advise a friend who is looking for comfort. The consequence for turning away could be dire, so be the friend you know you can be. There is a question in your heart regarding the future of a personal relationship with a family member. Keeping interactions light and united will become a defining trait in all you do.


The need to flex the muscle of authority could be a turn-off to others. Don’t be so impressed by your accomplishments that it undermines your efforts to gain respect. A friend or lover is finding an obsession rather weary, but don’t let this get you down. Find satisfaction through casual fun and lay off the need to prove yourself.


The closer you get to the truth of a matter at work, the better you’ll feel about the daily grind. There is a time and place for gossip, or so you are led to believe. In reality, choices are to be made over whether you should say something to a trusted friend or simply keep a secret.  Information is power, and discretion is vital.


A fellowship of friends and lovers is going to lead to nice times. Enjoy what you can and do your best to stay safe. There could be drama, but that is to be expected. No one is trying to bring you down despite some suggestions. Allow good feelings to be channeled into the work you are doing. It never hurts to feel inspired.

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