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Claybourne Elder loves having a gay older brother.

Claybourne Elder is known for acting in the American historical drama series, “The Gilded Age,” as well as starring in stage productions on Broadway. He recently did a show with the Utah Symphony at Salt Lake’s Abravanel Hall.

In the television series “The Gilded Age,” Elder, aged 41, portrays John Adams, a recurring character who serves as the romantic interest of Oscar van Rhijn, one of the main characters played by Blake Ritson.

Born and raised in Springfield, Utah, Elder is the youngest of eight siblings. He married director married director Eric Rosen in New York in 2012 and has a child.

In addition to his talents in singing and acting, Elder is also a writer and occasionally performs stand-up comedy. During a recent comedy show, Elder joked about having a gay older brother.

“We’re going to hell, but it’s cute because we’re going as a family,” he quipped.

“Having a gay older brother was great,” he goes on to explain, saying they both loved doing the same things.

“That’s why it was so nice [having a gay brother] … I could come home from school and make a charcuterie board with [him]. And then we put on my grandmother’s Edith Piaf records and we’d do our French homework together.”

The video is posted on his Instagram.

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