Holistic group and podcast for gay, bisexual, transgender men in Utah

Introducing “Mindfully Gay”

A new initiative has launched in Utah dedicated to fostering community, connection, and holistic approaches to life among gay, bisexual, and transgender men. Called Mindfully Gay, its aim is to “create a safe and inclusive space where individuals within the GBTQ+ community can come together to explore mindfulness practices, holistic wellness, and personal growth,” according to leaders.

The group also unveiled its premier podcast, “Mindfully Gay Guys,” which they say will contain engaging discussions, informative content, and a supportive network to empower members to enhance their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

“The centerpiece of Mindfully Gay’s offerings is their captivating podcast, ‘Mindfully Gay Guys,'” said organizer Jerry Buie. “This insightful series delves into a range of topics relevant to the experiences and aspirations shared by members of the gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. From mindfulness and self-acceptance to relationships, spirituality, and personal fulfillment, the podcast features critical conversations and raw honesty as Jerry, John, and Nick unpack and explore issues relevant to gay men.”

The group was founded by Jerry Buie, John Cottrell, and Nick Walton, who also serve as the podcast’s hosts.

“We are excited to launch Mindfully Gay as a platform for gay, bisexual, and transgender men to come together in a supportive community rooted in holistic living. Our goal is to provide valuable resources, foster meaningful connections, and empower individuals on their personal growth journey. The ‘Mindfully Gay Guys’ podcast will serve as a powerful medium to share stories, wisdom, and strategies for living authentically and thriving in all aspects of life,” Buie said.

The group welcomes men from all walks of life who may be at various stages of their journeys. By embracing diversity and celebrating the beautiful complexity of the GBTQ+ community, the initiative advocates for self-acceptance, mindfulness, and overall well-being.

Upcoming events include game nights, a book club, meditation, yoga and mindfulness, movie nights, a sweat lodge ceremony, discussion groups, and retreats in April and September.

For more information about Mindfully Gay, and to join the community or tune into the podcast, visit mindfullygay.com. Follow Mindfully Gay at Instagram.com/mindfully_gay and on Facebook at Mindfully Gay Guys for updates, inspirational content, and engaging discussions. You can also email info@mindfullygay.com.

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