QScopes April 2024


A failure to communicate with a friend can cause problems. Remember that we are all human, and the failings of others are mistakes, not assaults. More likely than not, a friend’s carefree attitude is simply their way of dealing with their problems. Take a moment to do the same and chill out for a bit.


Constant nagging from someone is getting on your nerves. While it may not actually be so bad, the constant pressure is getting you down. Take some time to simply get away and find a sense of normal again. Rest in a place where the mind can reset. Your personal matters and career can wait. Work on yourself now.


The beauty of nature will be a great inspirational source during this time period. With ever-changing weather and a hot-and-cold dynamic occurring, much of your duality is represented by the world itself. This could be a good time to be involved with the creative process and share what you see with others.


Feeling that things could be going better right now? This feeling likely comes from boredom rather than failure. There is always a higher conquest and a goal to accomplish, but only because you want more than you have. Look for some new adventures, but don’t lose sight of how good things are right now, either.


There’s nothing totally wrong with switching up the orders of operations. The more tasks pile up, the more boredom tends to set in. Keep things interesting by having dessert first, playing before work, and taking different positions than normal. It’s a good time to break the norms and alter perceptions for the better.


The need to flex the muscle of authority could be a turn-off to others. Don’t be so impressed by your accomplishments that it undermines your efforts to gain respect. A friend or lover is finding an obsession rather weary, but don’t let this get you down. Find satisfaction through casual fun and lay off the need to prove yourself.


Follow through on tasks that have fallen behind. The saying “better late than never” can be applied in many ways, whether in business or the bedroom. Communication has fallen by the wayside, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding your recent actions. Rest assured, others will listen, so explain.


It’s getting warmer, and so is your temperature, Scorpio! It may seem like a prime time to get out there and look for adventure. Stay out of danger by staying close to those you know and not traveling far from home. Your ability to control emotional responses may be compromised, especially regarding personal interactions.


No one is going to desert you at this time, despite a few moments of despair. Stay focused on working on yourself and become your own pleaser. Fate has a way of bringing tragedy in threes, and you’ve already received two in a row. While this may not be quite obvious to some of you, rest assured, some letdown is possible.


A fellowship of friends and lovers will lead to nice times. Enjoy what you can and do your best to stay safe. There could be drama, but that is to be expected. No one is trying to bring you down despite some suggestions. Allow good feelings to be channeled into the work you are doing. It never hurts to feel inspired.


Whatever is troubling you will likely affect others if not kept in check. The worst thing you can do is spread negativity, which has a tendency to bounce back. The best course of action is to take a submissive role and allow others to show what it really means to be happy. Realize that sometimes the best action is no action.


During what is turning out to be a lull period, spend time gaining focus. Get involved with projects and meet with people you’ve been putting off for a while. Someone may challenge your opinions in a seemingly offensive manner, but don’t take it too hard. It has more to do with a competitive need than discrediting your ideas.

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