QScopes June 2024


As the temps rise, so will your energy levels. There is so much to do and people to see, and your schedule is bound to fill to the brim. Take it one step at a time, be as flexible if you can.


What the trust conceals, the mirror reveals. Look at yourself from the outside to figure out what you need to discover inside. It might not seem prudent, but who you are is a delight to behold.


The parties are plentiful and a great place to shine. While getting out, be the best of who you are. Others look to you when they need their True North checked, so be the star for them.


Pride and integrity are on your mind this month. The pool of joy is filled with clear thoughts and intentions, but don’t be afraid to dip your toe into uncharted waters and wild rapids as well.


Be the king of the crop when the time to hop into action presents itself. The D.J. is playing YOUR song. Take to the floor and show them what you’ve got. Take charge and be the Supreme.


Present your advice to the ones you desire. Much wisdom is to be found in your experiences. The solid ground you provide cannot be understated, and the best tips are the ones you follow.


When you seek perfection, you find it close to home. The ones who love you exist in a world you created. Even when chaos ensues, rest assured all will go back to its proper place. It is the way.


Temptations are welcome, and opportunities are not out of reach. In fact, you’ll be surprised how quickly pleasure can simply fall into your lap. Spice things up and prepare for temperatures to rise.


The ingredients for inspiration can be found in odd places. Whether you’re an old dog learning new tricks or a young pup seeing the world for the first time, your eyes will be held wide open.


It’s as if the world is taking a break from its own drama this month, and the positive vibes are refreshing. Don’t question whether this is okay or normal, and go with the flow. Enjoy yourself!


You could be welcomed to an inner circle unexpectedly. Merge with caution, and don’t fear this ride. A nice change of scenery is what you need, so explore the spin and hop off at your whim.


You may not wear your heart on your sleeve, but it feels good to share what is in your heart with all. Expressions of desire will flow as trust and collective understanding is present. Love wins.

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