Rising star Spencer Sanders announces Summer single releases from his upcoming debut album ‘Almanac’

In a season set to sizzle with fresh talent and poignant storytelling, singer-songwriter Spencer Sanders is releasing three evocative singles from his highly anticipated debut album, “Almanac.” Through a tapestry woven from his experiences as a gay man navigating the complexities of bipolar disorder, Sanders presents a raw, genre-blending exploration of life’s highs, lows, and the nuanced ache of the in-between.

The first of these singles, “Rust,” debuted in May, marking a powerful start to Sanders’ musical odyssey. “Rust“ delves into the depths of depression, reflecting a period in Sanders’ life marred by the loss of trusted friendships. These friendships, once steadfast, crumbled under the weight of conflicting beliefs, leaving Sanders to grapple with the pain of abandonment.

“I wrote this in the middle of the night at my piano when I experienced a sudden loss of trusted friendships,” Sanders said. “My entire friend group decided to choose their traditional beliefs over supporting me as a queer person. ‘Rust’ details my struggle with letting go of toxic friendships in favor of giving myself space to heal.”

The song, composed during a solitary night at the piano, is underscored by the haunting motif of a music box, symbolizing a longing for simpler times, before its tines slowly rust. Directed by Brennon Harding, the accompanying music video offers a visually striking journey through Sanders’ emotional landscape, set in Sanders’ own bedroom. The hauntingly beautiful piece urges listeners to confront their own baggage and let go of toxic relationships.

Following “Rust,” Sanders released “Iced Moonshine” on June 21. This track, representing the aches of “in-between” moments of life, breaks genre boundaries with its country-infused sound. “Iced Moonshine” explores the allure and ultimate destructiveness of returning to addictive relationships. Sanders’ lyrics poignantly compare the sweet yet poisoned words of a lover to iced moonshine, capturing the intoxicating yet harmful nature of such entanglements.

“Sweet nothings, empty promises, and passionate pleas do not make for a healthy relationship — a lesson I learned the hard way,” Sanders explained.

The song culminates in a powerful, self-convincing mantra, “I’ll be alright, just one more drink tonight,” resonating deeply with those familiar with the cycles of love, lust, and loss within the queer community. Through this track, Sanders aims to shed light on the often-overlooked addictive habits that permeate romantic relationships.

Rounding out the trio is “Golden Age,” set for release on July 26. This uplifting single captures the euphoric high of embracing one’s true self. “Golden Age” is a celebration of Sanders’ journey out of the closet and into a space where he can freely explore his identity and future. The song radiates hope and promise, with Sanders pledging enduring love and stability to his partner amidst life’s challenges.

“In the song, I celebrate that I’m finally able to live for my own future. I’m able to make choices based on my own happiness, not only survival,” Sanders said. “I’m settling into my golden age — an era of prosperity, art, and love. I also make a promise to my lover that we will last through all that life can throw at us.”

Lyrics like “I wanna live without drama … got a few dozen traumas” and “I’ve been a man without honor … bound to patterns of desire” artfully tie back to the themes of the previous singles, “Rust” and “Iced Moonshine.” The climax of the song, “it’s there on the horizon, a better day arriving,” encapsulates the hopeful outlook that propels Sanders forward.

With “Almanac,” Sanders offers listeners a deeply personal and universally relatable journey through the peaks and valleys of life. Each single serves as a chapter in this narrative, showcasing Sanders’ ability to blend genres and create music that resonates on a profound emotional level. As the summer unfolds, these releases are poised to cement Sanders’ status as a compelling new voice in the music industry.

More information can be found at his website, spencersanders.com or linktr.ee/seeminglyspencer

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