Logan Pride has a new logo

The new Logan Pride logo arranges the flag colors in geometric blocks that evoke the mountainous terrain that forms Logan’s visual backdrop. Beyond the meaning of each color in the pride flag, this logo layers on new context:

Yellow, at the peak, represents sunlight (same as the flag).

Violet, just below the peak, points upward and represents spirit (same as the flag).

Some viewers may additionally infer purple mountain Majesties.

Black and brown, as with the flag, represent marginalized communities of people of color. In this design, these colors are notably elevated, and rising up.

Pink comes from the trans flag, and doubles as a pink triangle here.

Light blue also comes from the trans flag. In this design, it is grouped with blue and green to additionally evoke Logan’s outdoor recreation. (Green also symbolizes nature in the flag.)

Red and orange are paired at the lower left to represent the influence of southwestern cultures.

White is part of the trans flag, and its large presence in the center of this logo also invites viewers to bring their own ideas and thoughts to the logo — and the organization.

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