SLC Pride’s entertainment lineup


Burning Avenues, a punk musician from Salt Lake City, Utah, seamlessly blends the raw energy of punk with the catchy melodies of pop punk. Known for their electrifying performances, Burning Avenues captivates audiences with frantic beats, fierce guitar riffs, and deeply personal lyrics. Their music embodies a rebellious spirit, expressing the angst and frustration of a generation. By incorporating melodic pop punk elements, they create an approachable sound that resonates from the first chord. Burning Avenues’ dynamic stage presence and infectious energy make them a standout in the American music scene, crafting anthems for those defying social conventions and celebrating individuality.

Mended Hearts Club is an indie folk duo from Salt Lake City, known for their heartfelt lyrics and harmonious melodies. Comprised of talented musicians Aiden Barrick and Judith Rognli, they blend acoustic guitar with soulful vocals to create a warm, evocative sound that resonates deeply with listeners. Their music explores themes of love, loss, and healing, offering a poignant and introspective listening experience. With intimate live performances and a genuine connection to their audience, Mended Hearts Club has carved out a special place in the local music scene. Their sincere storytelling and melodic craftsmanship make them a beloved act in Salt Lake City’s indie folk community.

The Will Baxter Band, based in Salt Lake City, delivers an electrifying blend of blues, soul, and rock. Led by charismatic frontman Will Baxter, the band is known for their tight musicianship, smooth grooves, and Baxter’s soulful vocals. Their dynamic performances captivate audiences, featuring a mix of original songs and innovative covers that showcase their musical versatility. With a commitment to authentic, high-energy live shows, the Will Baxter Band has earned a loyal following and critical acclaim in the local music scene. Their rich, emotive sound and engaging stage presence make them a standout act, celebrated for both their talent and passion.

The NuaNua Collective, based in Salt Lake City, is a community collective established in 2019 for LGBTQ+ Pacific Islanders & QTBIPOC. Nuanua means “Rainbow” in Sāmoan. The dynamic arts group fosters creativity and community engagement and is dedicated to promoting diverse artistic expressions. They sponsored the FaFa Fest earlier in June for Queer Indigenous community members, followed by a special edition of Oceania Out Loud with live performances from IndigiQueer artists eager to share their talents with the audience.

Mississippi born and raised, BOOTLEGG‘s music career started in the church choir and progressed to school band, choir, and opera, all the way to here on this stage. While growing up on church music, funk, and disco, he listened to and gained swagger from many hip-hop and R&B artists. This eventually led to an appreciation for EDM music and many other styles of music. He uses this eclectic taste to attempt to provide a space for people to feel like their safest, coolest inner child. BOOTLEGG’s only mission on the dance floor is to provide immaculate vibes to heal lives.

Shecock With A Vengeance is a powerhouse punk rock band hailing from Salt Lake City. Known for their high-energy performances and unapologetic attitude, they blend aggressive riffs with fiercely rebellious lyrics, creating a sound that resonates deeply with fans. Their music tackles social issues, championing individuality and defiance against the status quo. With a strong local following, Shecock With A Vengeance has become a staple in the Salt Lake City punk scene. Their dynamic stage presence and raw, authentic sound make them a must-see act, embodying the true spirit of punk rock with every electrifying performance.

Doom Cupcake is a unique musical act from Salt Lake City, blending elements of darkwave, synth-pop, and goth to create a distinctive and captivating sound. Known for their haunting melodies, brooding lyrics, and atmospheric performances, Doom Cupcake captivates audiences with their enigmatic presence and emotional depth. Their music delves into themes of existentialism, love, and melancholy, offering a profound and immersive experience. With a dedicated local following, Doom Cupcake stands out in Salt Lake City’s music scene, offering a fresh and innovative take on alternative music that resonates with fans seeking something both dark and beautiful.

TinkFu, based in Salt Lake City, is a trailblazing figure in the local music scene, renowned for her vibrant DJ sets and eclectic mix of beats. Specializing in electronic, house, and hip-hop genres, TinkFu infuses her sets with infectious energy and a deep love for music that transcends boundaries. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, she champions inclusivity and empowerment through her performances, creating spaces where everyone can dance freely and feel celebrated. With a growing following and a reputation for delivering unforgettable experiences, DJ TinkFu continues to push boundaries and inspire in Salt Lake City’s nightlife scene.

Queer Variety Extravaganza is made up of many local queer and queer-friendly visual, drag, and musical artists, including Black Luscious, Citrus Pastel, Cookie Sinclair, Diana Lone, Duke Wellington, Edgy
, Heels In Motion, LUMINOUS, Luna Sol, MayadaBanjara, Mik Jager, Nu-tral, Reija Blades, Whorechata


Pepper and the Roses, hailing from Salt Lake City, form an indie rock band celebrated for their poetic lyrics and atmospheric soundscapes. Led by Pepper’s emotive vocals and complemented by the Roses’ intricate instrumentation, their music weaves tales of love, introspection, and the human experience. Drawing inspiration from folk, alternative rock, and indie influences, they craft melodies that resonate deeply with audiences. Known for their intimate live performances and authentic storytelling, Pepper and the Roses have carved a niche in the local music scene, captivating listeners with their soulful compositions and evocative performances.


QUEER VARIETY EXTRAVAGANZA 2.0, made up of Billy the King, Daisy Voo, Dem E Fluxx, Divina 2.0, Justin Secrecy, Liam Manchesthair, Notta Genda, Rubi K Rose, Shortcake The Clown, Systeen Chapelle

Zaza Historia VanDyke is a POC, trans femme, parent, performer, songwriter, and artist from Ogden, Utah. You can find Zaza anywhere. She can be loud and proud with an instrument in hand, either playing upright bass for “The Backyard Revival” or playing guitar and singing her own original music. She’s the girl at every campfire and party, singing and playing acoustic guitar, In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find Zaza without a guitar close by. Zaza’s greatest inspirations are the people surrounding her in life, who’ve pushed her and supported her music, and her love of the world and atmosphere around her.

Sleepy Moon Ray, a rising singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, enchants audiences with her ethereal voice and introspective lyrics. Combining folk, indie, and dream-pop influences, her music transports listeners to a world of emotive melodies and heartfelt storytelling. Sleepy Moon Ray’s songs explore themes of love, growth, and the human experience with a delicate vulnerability that resonates deeply. With a growing presence in the local music scene, she continues to captivate with her intimate live performances and a unique sound that bridges the gap between introspection and universal connection.

Often accompanied by vocalist Alisa Jo, MandyDanzig‘s shows are rollicking romps through traditional and original music filled with joy, and an invitation for everyone to sing along. Mandy plays almost anything with strings, and during her shows, she flows effortlessly from one instrument to another, weaving in and out of songs with her effervescent storytelling. Love, light, and laughter are at the heart of Mandy Lynn’s music. Her performances and compositions run wild though genres as if she were a bee in a field of wildflowers.

Japanese-Venezuelan singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist Marqueza has been a natural performer and creative since childhood. Identifying as gender-fluid and genre-fluid, they are influenced by a wide range of styles ranging from R&B, jazz, rock, pop, punk, experimental, electronic, Japanese City Pop, and more. Mostly self-taught, everything Marqueza writes is intuitively done through improvisation, utilizing a pitch-perfect ear and natural sensitivities to sound to create gently flowing and emotional soundtracks. Their music ranges in genre, but recurring themes in their songwriting center experiences around affirmation, self-love, healing, and growth as a queer artist of color.

Leetham is an LGBTQ+ progressive pop artist based in Salt Lake City. Leetham’s music celebrates the queer community and looks to make sure everyone is included in the community. Leetham has played major festivals in their Utah scene and abroad, including but not limited to the Utah Pride Festival, Utah Beer Festival, and Mesa Music Festival. They have also played shows alongside the likes of Cera Gibson, The WLDLFE, PHANGS, The Unlikely Candidates, CupcakKe, and Blindlove. Ready to conquer their dreams, Leetham brings a stadium-sized performance to every show.

Austin (HIGHINTENTIONS) Miller, originally from picturesque Ogden, Utah, embarked on a transformative journey to Los Angeles during the pandemic. As a dedicated nurse, they navigated uncertainty with resilience and compassion. Once the pandemic’s grip loosened, Austin felt a call to pursue their true passion. Growing up as a non-binary, queer individual in a conservative state instilled a profound sense of empathy and determination in Austin, driving them to dismantle barriers and amplify marginalized voices. Their music, a narrative of liberation and self-discovery, weaves emotions of freedom, introspection, and vulnerability, serving as a beacon of empowerment and a testament to the indomitable spirit within us all.

Salt Lake City’s Rey Méndez, known as DJ Rey, is celebrated for his electrifying sets and dynamic mixing skills. Specializing in genres like house, techno, and Latin beats, DJ Rey creates vibrant atmospheres that keep crowds dancing all night. With a keen ear for music and a passion for innovation, he seamlessly blends diverse sounds, captivating audiences with his unique style. DJ Rey’s performances are a staple in Salt Lake City’s nightlife, where his energetic presence and musical prowess have earned him a loyal following. His commitment to pushing musical boundaries continues to inspire and energize the local dance scene.

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